Amazing big day for Sam and Sara

Sam Allerton and Sara Houghton celebrate their wedding with family and friends
Sam Allerton and Sara Houghton celebrate their wedding with family and friends
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Sam Allerton proposed to his girlfriend Sara Houghton with a particularly romantic gift.

He took her to the Pizza House in Hilsea – the restaurant where they’d enjoyed their first date – and presented her with a beautiful ring.

But it wasn’t just any ring – this one had 23 diamonds in it to represent the 23 months they had been together.

The couple, from Fratton, had known each other for 12 years but it wasn’t until a friend’s leaving do that Sam plucked up the courage to ask Sara out.

Just over a year later and they were married on August 25 at Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill.

They then held their reception at the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea because Sam has always had an interest in military history.

Sara, who works for The News as group events organiser, says: ‘We were all whisked over there in a red double decker bus and we served real fish and chips to our guests as the reception dinner.

‘It was wrapped in copies of The News. I had friends who were eating the chips and reading the paper to check their work.’

Getting married in an ice blue dress, Sara describes her wedding day as ‘pretty unconventional’.

She adds: ‘We had a bit of a sea theme and we even had a sand castle cake. My dress was blue so I was kind of like a mermaid.

‘I loved it. I had such an amazing day.’

The couple have made a video montage featuring different songs they played at the reception, from artists including Lana Del Ray and the Black Eyed Peas, and have posted it on YouTube.

Sara adds: ‘We pulled all the guests up there on the dance floor with us in the end. It was great.’

Instead of going abroad for their honeymoon, Sara and Sam went to London to watch the London 2012 Paralympics.

She says: ‘There was such a great atmosphere, it really was amazing.

‘We had a fantastic time.’

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