Argument a day works for Dennis and wife Eileen

Dennis and Eileen Jarrett''''Picture: Paul Jacobs  (131872-1)
Dennis and Eileen Jarrett''''Picture: Paul Jacobs (131872-1)
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David Curwen, centre, hugs his mother with whom he wa sreunited. Completing the group is his brother Keith

THIS WEEK IN 1975: Reunited after 30 years – but only thanks to a kind stranger

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When Dennis Jarrett spoke to The News on his 60th wedding anniversary, he recommended an argument a day to keep things happy and healthy.

Five years later and Dennis and wife Eileen are still happily married – and he hasn’t changed his opinion.

‘All that lovey dovey stuff, it’s not life. I’m sure everyone argues really,’ he says.

Maybe Dennis has a point because the Purbrook couple have enjoyed many happy years together.

They met when Dennis was a corporal in the army in Northern Ireland. He was craving chocolate and promised to take Eileen to the pictures if she gave him a bar.

She handed one over from her secret stash below the counter in the canteen where she worked, but had no intention of meeting him that night.

Dennis waited for an hour outside and just as he was giving up hope spotted his future wife in the distance.

‘She wasn’t coming to meet me. She was walking with her friend,’ he said. ‘I caught up with them and she told me she hadn’t expected to see me.

‘We went to the pictures that night anyway, though, and it all went from there.’

Dennis was doing National Service when they met. He left the army in 1947 and the couple were married on July 6, 1948.

They returned to England after the wedding and had two sons. When he retired Dennis was building works manager for Portsmouth City Council.

The couple, both in their 80s, had a quiet 65th anniversary.