Aston hopes his heart will Beat Again

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From today there is one less eligible bachelor in the world. But, while the royal wedding breaks the hearts of young would-be princesses across the globe, it boosts the chances of other young men looking for love.

One singleton now vying for the top spot as the country’s most eligible bachelor is Aston Merrygold.

The JLS frontman has previously been nominated Sexiest Male by Virgin Media and Prom King by BBC Switch. He adorns the bedroom walls, T-shirts, badges and calendars of millions of teenage girls. And yet, the cheeky, athletic, 23-year-old admits he can’t find a girlfriend.

Aston says that having hoards of female admirers doesn’t make it any easier to find the right girl. In fact, fame makes it harder to find and keep a relationship.

‘I am single at the moment,’ confirms the pint-sized popstar from Peterborough. ‘When you’re busy all the time, it makes it hard for the whole trust thing and paranoia comes in.’

The problem is not just girlfriends getting jealous of all the female attention. The singer adds that it’s also hard for stars like him when they are away from their loved ones. ‘The paranoia comes from both sides, I think,’ Aston continues.

He also reveals that recent reports he would like to have a go at finding a date on Paddy McGuinness’s matchmaking TV show Take Me Out, were a bit of a mix-up.

He laughs: ‘Basically, Paddy McGuinness was on Something For The Weekend the same weekend we were on it and Marvin said “you should put Aston on it”. It was more Marvin’s idea than mine.’

But he admits that he would love to find a girlfriend. The problem is Aston’s not sure exactly what he’s looking for.

‘If I knew that, I might have found her,’ he exclaims.

‘It’s hard, very hard. I guess I want someone who’s down to earth, fun...’ he pauses, then adds that his ideal girl would also be ‘stunning and glamorous, as well.’

Aston is suddenly coy and, as bizarre as it seems for a platinum-selling artist and reality TV star, it looks like part of Aston’s problem with finding a girlfriend might actually be shyness.

The singer is far more comfortable discussing his music than his personal life.

He is an hour late for our morning interview and when I ask if it’s because he’s been out partying again with his band and their pals The Saturdays, he denies it.

‘No. I’ve been at the studio, running about doing bits and pieces. I’m finishing a couple of tracks to get the album up and ready.’

‘The album’ he’s speaking of is the as yet unnamed third album from JLS. Aston reveals that work on the release is going ‘very well’.

‘We’ve got about 60 songs, so we’ve got a couple to choose from,’ he laughs. ‘And we’re still writing now, as well.’

Things certainly are going well for the band who came runner-up to Alexandra Burke in The X Factor in 2009.

Anyone who tries to dismiss the boys as a manufactured band (the kind of pop fodder created specifically for Simon Cowell’s TV shows) should know that they won Best Unsigned Act at the Urban Music Awards in 2007, back when they were known as UFO.

They have since achieved quadruple platinum status with their 2009 Number One self-titled debut album and hit the Number Two spot with their second album, Outta This World, a year later.

They have had four Number One singles, including this year’s Children In Need song Love You More. And, as well as giving huge support to Children In Need, the boys started their own charity – the JLS Foundation.

They have even launched their own clothing line with their one time rival Alexandra Burke.

But what’s been the best moment so far for Aston?

‘There are so many it’s hard to pick out one,’ he complains.

‘I’d have to go for the entire first year, really, with the first single and album and then the awards – two MOBOs and two BRITs. That was the icing on the cake for us. It was incredible.’

It’s safe to say JLS have done better than anyone expected. Aston says the most surprising thing for him was how the tours sold.

‘We did four tours in one year. We did a theatre tour at the start of 2010, then a summer tour over here, a summer tour in the US and then – at the tail end of last year and the start of this year – we did a 40-day arena tour.

‘Most people that are at arena status tour for a couple of weeks. We did over two months of arena dates and everything sold out. That, for us, was the real moment we stepped back and went “wow”.

‘It’s still mind-blowing to think that everyone shows as much support as they do,’ continues Aston.

‘We came back from the States the other day, from writing and doing the album, and there were a load of people waiting for us at the airport.

‘It’s amazing – firstly that they manage to find out when and where we’re going to be and then it’s incredible that they want to be there to see us.’

There will be a chance for Aston’s adoring fans to get a closer look at their idol when the first JLS movie comes out.

Aston explains: ‘There was so much speculation that we would do a movie, that we thought “you know what? Maybe we should”.

‘It a music documentary based around our first arena tour that we’ve just come off.

‘Thousands of people saw the tour, but they didn’t get to see what happened backstage, the ins and outs of the tour. So, it’s an in-depth look at the tour and an insight into what we’re about.’

The Eyes Wide Open 3D concert movie will be shown in cinemas for one day only on Friday, June 3.

It will be followed by a month-long outdoor tour, which sees the band come to the Matterley Bowl in Winchester on Friday, June 17, with support from Olly Murs and Alexis Jordan.

So, what can we expect from the show?

‘Hopefully, a lot a of sunshine. That will definitely help,’ says Aston.

He adds: ‘Performance-wise, it’s going to be something that me and the boys are very proud of. Nothing’s down on paper yet. We’re still having conversations now about what can happen because we’re doing a show that was in an arena, but now it’s going to be even bigger and it’s going to be outside.

‘There are certain things we can’t do. We’re going to have to find a different entrance because we can’t do our flying car entrance and we may not be able to have a walkway into the crowd.’

With so many of the details still to be finalised, Aston says there is only one thing that’s for sure: ‘There are going to be a lot of surprises.’

After appearing in Portsmouth and Southampton repeatedly in 2009, Aston is glad to be returning to the area.

‘We did loads of club gigs in Portsmouth straight after The X Factor,’ he remembers.

‘We were doing a couple of shows a night back then. They were exciting times. You never know where stuff’s going to lead you.

‘It’s great to come back and put on such a big show.’

Who knows, girls – perhaps he’ll even meet Miss Right while he’s here.