At least I had good weather and an Adonis to keep me running

Race for Life:  Girls from The News, Emma Judd, Sarah Standing and Stacey Killon
Race for Life: Girls from The News, Emma Judd, Sarah Standing and Stacey Killon
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When News reporter Emma Judd signed up for this year’s Great South Run, she knew she’d need some help. As personal trainer Dawn Grant, from Portsmouth-based 24/7 Fitness, puts her through her paces, she’ll be writing about her progress each week.

Ah, there’s nowhere better than Southsea on a hot summer’s day, smelling the chips, passing cafes, and thinking about ice-cream.

That is, if you’re not running six miles in the surprisingly searing heat of our long-delayed summer, panting for breath and praying for a breeze to cool your sweaty brow.

After spending months training on a rainy, cold and blowy seafront I can only imagine I must feel like most of the Olympic teams who’ve been training for wet weather only to find someone in London remembered to switch on the sun.

But apart from the heat, the Race for Life 10km, which I took part in a week ago, was a fantastic experience. Not only did it help me prepare for the horror that will be the 10-mile Great South Run, but I also raised £160 for Cancer Research UK.

And, although I only managed to run constantly for just over three miles, I did run most of it – especially past the bronzed Adonis playing golf with his shirt off, around five miles in.

I was disappointed I didn’t run the entire thing, but pleased I managed to push my heavy, tired legs into a sprint finish at the end.

But most of all I felt a huge feeling of triumph. A few short months I’d have had to have walked the whole thing, Adonis or not, because I was so unfit.

So, Great South Run? Be warned, I’m coming for you. And I will be doing my best to run the whole way round, whatever the weather.