August 2011 - Care of the Environment

1st Titchfield Cub Beach Clean Up
1st Titchfield Cub Beach Clean Up
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Children have been doing their bit for the environment by taking part in a beach clean-up.

Thirteen youngsters from the 1st Titchfield cubs collected rubbish at Meon Shore beach in Hill Head.

Leader of the group Myles Daly said: ‘We want to pick up all the rubbish and teach the kids about taking their rubbish home and social responsibility.’

The cubs picked up eight bags of rubbish within a two-hour period.

‘They love it and they get really into it,’ added Myles.

‘Kids are pretty green nowadays.

‘I think they feel pretty good about picking up the rubbish.

‘It’s amazing what you find out there.’

The beach cleaners were Aaron Fokinther, Bradley Jeffrey, Ewan Smart, Adam Hatten, Joseph Wickland, Reece Malloy, Daniel Vartan, Daniel Collins, Luke Mouncey, Emma Mouncey, Alex Savage, Molly Fokinther and Richard Renfrew.