Award-winning dog, but which trophy

Chipper ready for the show
Chipper ready for the show
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Hello there friends. Chipper here – or should I say the award-winning Chipper?

That’s right, the Dunyelping Dog Show took place over the weekend and I’ve only gone and grabbed myself a little prize. Ok, it wasn’t the one I wanted, but a prize is a prize nonetheless.

I woke up so excited on Saturday morning pals and I was looking spectacular, even if I do say so myself. I turned quite a few heads on the way to the show.

When I got there, however, I was met with an unwelcome sight. The snooty labradoodle from two streets away, winner of the Dunyelping Dog Show three years in a row, was slobbering over a chewy toy. I’d heard he was now in retirement so it was quite a nasty surprise and for the first time I started to question my chances.

On went the day and the labradoodle and I were neck and neck, when in the very last challenge – a tricky obstacle course – I ran so fast without looking where I was going that I stumbled over one of the hurdles and went flying with an almighty splash into a nearby muddy puddle.

As you can imagine, I did not look so dapper after that and the greedy labradoodle won the title of best dog in show once again.

Your muddy, wet, clumsy pal Chipper here did earn himself the Scruffiest Dog in Show title thanks to my little puddle stunt. Better than nothing I suppose. Why not have a go at colouring this picture of me getting spruced up for the show.

Chip chip for now.