Back For Good

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Tribute acts rarely attract anything other than harsh comparisons to their celebrated muses but Friday night at the Kings Theatre, Southsea with Back For Good, Take That's premiere tribute, proved the exception to that rule.

This was an energetic and remarkably accurate journey through the back catalogue with both Daniel Paul Maines as Gary, and Matthew Hall as Mark delivering tone-perfect performances that could almost be considered a masterpiece in mimickery, rather than the usual close approximation achieved by other acts.

If you can't get to see the real thing then these guys will do just as well.

The production values are considerably different, but then the budget is considerably smaller.

Nonetheless it could all do with being brought up to match the standard of performance.

A good night out can usually be judged by traditional signs such as audience engagement, or general mood.

A good night at the Kings however, can be measured by how much the dress circle balcony shakes, and there were moments when the excited gyrating of the standing crowd added an element of risk to an otherwise brilliantly entertaining evening.

The closing number, Rule The World nearly caused structural damage.