Baker Stuart resists temptation to shed more than five stone

These days Stuart watches his weight
These days Stuart watches his weight

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As a baker, Stuart Ryder is surrounded by temptation. But that hasn’t stopped him losing 5st 5lbs in little more than a year.

A walk to the shops convinced the 30-year-old that he should shed some pounds and he immediately signed up to slimming organisation WeightWatchers.

‘I was struggling because I was so unfit and unhealthy. I was breathless, worn out and realised I really didn’t feel comfortable the size I was,’ he says.

Stuart works at Sainsbury’s in Farlington but didn’t find being surrounded by bread and cakes all day a problem.

But he says he wouldn’t have had the willpower if he hadn’t joined a slimming group.

Stuart, who lives in Farlington, joined the Drayton WeightWatchers group after seeing the details advertised.

He says: ‘I was a bit nervous about going at first but as soon as I walked in it felt okay.

‘Everyone was really supportive and I got to know them quite quickly.

‘Everyone was easy to get on with so it was fine.’

There are still far fewer men than women joining slimming organisations and Stuart would like to encourage more to give it a try.

‘There was just a couple of other men when I started but it was fine, I think there are more starting to go,’ he says.

‘I’m not sure why men don’t sign up. Perhaps some of them aren’t as worried about taking care of their appearance as women, but it’s important to be healthy and eat better foods.’

Stuart, who was just over 18 stone when he started, feels his health has improved enormously as he has started to lose weight and include more fruit and vegetables in his diet.

But the self-confessed chocaholic hasn’t cut out his favourite treats entirely.

The WeightWatchers plan works on a ProPoints system, where different foods are assigned a certain amount of points based on nutritional value and how quickly the body processes different nutrients.

The organisation has started running Simple Start, which introduces new members to the foods at the heart of the ProPoints system without the distraction of counting.

For information on the plan and local groups visit or call 0845 345 1500.