Bear hugs all round at party

Aimee Curd celebrating her eighth birthday with her friends
Aimee Curd celebrating her eighth birthday with her friends
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Aimee Curd loves cuddly teddy bears – so for her eighth birthday she made her very own personal tiger bear.

Aimee, who lives in Cosham, had all her friends round for a Be My Bear party, where her mum Sam ordered kits online so the girls could make their very own teddy bears, including a birth certificate for each one.

The birthday girl choose all the teddy bears for her friends and made herself a tiger, while her 12-year-old sister Sophie had a white tiger.

Sam says: ‘Aimee wanted to go to Build A Bear in Southampton where they make it for you in the shop.

‘But Portsmouth were playing Southampton there on the day so I was a little worried about doing that.

‘She chose all sorts. She wanted the tiger because she didnt want a “boring pink one.”’

After the party, guests played traditional party games such as pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel and memory games, where objects were put in a tray and the girls had to try to remember what was in it.

Aimee and her friends also played musical statues where they had to stop moving with the music.

Afterwards they were treated to jelly and ice cream as well as lots of different party food, such as a cheese and pineapple hedgehog.

The lucky birthday girl received lots of presents from her friends, including Moshi Monsters, the collectable toy monsters that have their own characters.

Aimee loves them so much she even had a Moshi Monster birthday cake and cupcakes at her party.