Beauty treatments that aren’t out of bounds for mums

Beauty therapist Emma Burleigh with Alex Bifulco and her son Oliver, 17 months
Beauty therapist Emma Burleigh with Alex Bifulco and her son Oliver, 17 months

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For most women the thought of entering a smart salon with toddler in tow is 
the stuff of nightmares.

But a Fareham beauty business has introduced child-friendly days so mums can be pampered without the worry of screaming sessions and wandering little hands.

It was the sight of women with pushchairs walking straight past her Whiteley salon that inspired Charley Fryatt to provide the new service.

The owner of Xpress Beauty says: ‘There are a lot of mums here in Whiteley and they weren’t coming in.

‘We did a bit of research and there was this whole perception that you can’t take children into a salon, that people will get annoyed or look down their noses at you.’

So Mondays and Tuesdays at Xpress Beauty are particularly child-friendly, although youngsters are welcome at any time.

Clients without children in tow are also welcome on a Monday and Tuesday but the salon tries to keep the more relaxing treatments, like massages, to a minimum.

Charley says: ‘Mums can come in knowing that if their child screams, no-one has a problem with that. And we have a safe play area so toddlers can’t go around grabbing everything.’

Facilities include activities and toys, DVDs and bottle-warming and changing facilities.

Charley says: ‘If mums need to take five minutes to sort things out, then that’s absolutely fine. If they need the time, we’ve got the time.’

The salon is also offering baby yoga and baby massage sessions. These are one-on-one appointments and must be booked.

As well as attracting new clients, Charley’s aim is to offer mums a chance to look after themselves as well as their children.

She explains: ‘As parents do the hardest job in the world, they deserve some pampering and luxury. So we thought, why not make the salon a fun place for kids too!

‘It’s particularly important for new mums. They’ve just entered this whole new world and might feel like they need maybe a basic treatment, or a bigger treat, for themselves.’

For more information and to book email, visit or call (01489) 564228.