‘Being hypnotised helped us both lose two stones’

Amy Down (left) and her mum Kerry Down have both had hypnotherapy to make them believe they've had a gastric band to lose weight
Amy Down (left) and her mum Kerry Down have both had hypnotherapy to make them believe they've had a gastric band to lose weight
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When Kerry Down had a heart attack at the age of just 51, it was a massive shock to her family and friends.

She knew she had health problems but the attack spurred her on to lose weight even more – and daughter Amy was determined to follow her example.

After years of unsuccessful dieting and yo-yoing weight problems, the pair were desperate for something to succeed.

But while others have turned to gastric bands and bypasses to conquer their problem, that wasn’t an option for Amy or Kerry.

Neither of them would have qualified to have the operation done on the NHS and it costs around £8,000 to have the procedures done privately.

So they turned to hypnotherapy instead and say they are delighted with the results.

Kerry from Drayton, Portsmouth, has gone from 15 stones two pounds to 12 stones 10 pounds, while Amy, 29, and from Paulsgrove, has dropped from 17 and a half stones to a little over 15 stones.

‘It’s been quite easy,’ says Amy. ‘With every other diet I’ve done, I’ve lost a couple of pounds and then just put it back on again when I’ve gone back to the rubbish stuff.

‘This has made me cut out all of the rubbish stuff completely, I just don’t eat it.

‘It has been like re-tuning my brain. I knew I shouldn’t be eating rubbish stuff but your brain just needs to be trained to know that.’

Amy and Kerry both saw Portsmouth-based Paul Alland and the hypnotherapy took place over a number of days.

‘Paul makes you believe that you’ve actually had a gastric band,’ explains Kerry.

‘You think you’ve had the surgery and afterwards you don’t want the same things.

‘I don’t eat the chocolate or cake any more and I eat much smaller meals.’

She adds: ‘I feel a lot healthier. I don’t crave the same things and I’ve not had to have surgery.’

Amy and Kerry both paid £350 to be hypnotised and have been back to Paul to assess their progress since.

Their weight loss has been steady – with a couple of pounds shed each week.

Now they both want to keep losing weight until they’ve reached their own goals.

‘I’m really pleased with the results,’ adds Amy. ‘I’d say “Go for it” as long as you’re really ready to make a life change.

‘You’ve got to really want it or it won’t work.’