Bill and Peggy celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary

CELEBRATION Bill and Peggy Jackson
CELEBRATION Bill and Peggy Jackson
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A lot can happen in 70 years but for this couple their companionship has always been constant.

Bill and Peggy Jackson have just celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary.

CELEBRATION Bill and Peggy Jackson

CELEBRATION Bill and Peggy Jackson

The couple first met in 1941 when Bill was introduced to Peggy by her sister.

At the time, she was living in Alverstone Road, Fratton, which had been badly hit by air raids and the houses had lost all their windows. Peggy, now 89, was bombed out of her house twice in a matter of months.

So to escape the air raids, Bill rented a house in Littlehampton and the couple were married at the town’s St Mary’s Church on September 3.

As the wedding took place in war-torn Britain, there was no time for a honeymoon.

Bill, 92, says: ‘We had a nice afternoon but because it was a war-time wedding it was a bit austere.

‘We were married and then had a reception at a restaurant in Littlehampton, which was opposite Woolworths on the High Street.

‘We didn’t have a honeymoon, it was straight back to work. I was building planes that carried the ‘bouncing bomb’ and Peggy was working in the local Co-operative.’

The couple have two children, Robert and Jennifer, five grandchildren and their first great-grandchild, Josh, is nearly seven.

Bill and Peggy, from Eastney, will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary by returning to the church where they were married for a blessing ceremony.

After the blessing they will go for lunch with the family.

Bill says: ‘Peggy was very pleased because we received a card from the Queen. We are looking forward to our anniversary celebrations which have been organised by our children.’

So, what’s the secret to their long and happy marriage?

‘Never answer back,’ says Bill. ‘That’s the key.’