Blithe Yule! Bring on that turkey carcass

Faith Thorpe's immaculately coloured Christmas tree
Faith Thorpe's immaculately coloured Christmas tree
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Merry Christmas Chipsters! Or what about Nollaig Shona Dhuit! Blithe Yule! Nollaig Chridheil! and Nadolig Llawen!

That’s ‘merry Christmas!’ in Irish Gaelic, Scots, Gaelic and Welsh. Why not learn them and really impress your friends, especially if they come from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

There are two more special greetings I’ll be using in the coming days: Bearey Christmas! and Feliz Navidad!

The first one is reserved for my special friend Winnie the Pooh who is arriving tomorrow all the way from deepest, darkest Ashdown Forest in Sussex to stay at Dunyelpin’ until the new year.

And the second is Spanish, the language they speak in deepest, darkest Peru, where my marmalade-loving chum Paddington hailed from before arriving in a most confused state at the London station of that name.

Winnie adores honey and he’s promised to bring a case of the amber nectar with him. So, between them that’s my Christmas breakfasts sorted.

Christmas is the best time to be with friends, but there’s always one you’re not overjoyed to see. For me, this year it will be that over-excited bundle of orange and black fur, Tigger. Winnie’s bringing him because he can jump very high. We need him to place Delphine – my fairy – on top of the tree above Dunyelpin. Talking of trees, isn’t Faith Thorne’s colouring wonderful. All those silver baubles.

So, Chipsters everywhere, happy Christmas to you all. Chip chip for now.

Five lucky Chipsters have all gained extra presents this Christmas.

They were the winners of our recent Penguins of Madagascar competition.

So who are they? A big drum roll and enormous Christmas cheer for:

Finley Martin (3096)

Charlotte Green (3008)

Morgan Durow (1455)

Adam Edwards (180)

Coral Whitaker (228)

Well done all of you and have fun with your Penguin goody bags.