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A fitness class for the mind is coming to Portsmouth.

Not so much about toning up your muscles or keeping the weight down, the Take Five for Wellbeing classes are about boosting your mental and emotional health.

Designed by 55-year-old Carolyn Barber, classes aim to help people feel more relaxed and calm, have more energy, enthusiasm and enjoy life to the full. The classes will introduce people to basic relaxation and meditation techniques, breathing and brain gym exercises.

Carolyn believes that most people don’t take care of their mental and emotional health – and even if they want to, they don’t know how.

‘Most of us know the basics of how to look after our physical health, even if we don’t always do it,’ she adds. ‘But research shows that the most common responses to stress are to do nothing, just live with it, eat comfort or junk food or spend time alone, the very opposite of recommended stress management techniques.’

Carolyn founded Take Five a few months after closing down her previous business, The Parlour, a community training and wellbeing centre in Southsea, because of the recession.

‘This was a particularly difficult time for me and I found myself drawing on all the personal and professional knowledge I’d gained over the years, to keep myself strong mentally and emotionally.

‘I was determined to come out the other side still feeling positive and optimistic about the future.’

Since then, Carolyn has been running group workshops and wellbeing programmes to help others find a greater sense of emotional balance and mental wellbeing.

The hour-long classes start at 10am on Monday, September 26, at Eastney Community Centre in Bransbury Road.

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