Bootieful day for pupils

Langstone Junior School pupils with their boots
Langstone Junior School pupils with their boots

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Dozens of pairs of wellies came marching through the school gates as pupils raised almost £200 to spruce up their outdoor environment.

Youngsters at Langstone Juniors in Copnor, Portsmouth paid £1 each to ditch their shoes – and make a contribution to buying tools and bulbs to add a splash of colour to the greenery.

In honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the children will now write to Buckingham Palace to find out Her Majesty’s favourite colour, and buy flowers to match the special occasion.

Imogen Highcock, eight, says: ‘It was a really fun day because we all knew we were in wellies to make our school field more colourful.

‘At the moment there is a lot of green which is pretty, but it would be nice to have more flowers, especially as the weather is getting better.

‘I love using the outdoors in school, not just for play but also in our lesson time. We spent time in our outdoor classroom to inspire us to come up with things to write.

‘My favourite flowers are daisies and daffodils, and I hope we can plant lots of those. Flowers are so important because they attract insects and beautiful birds.’

Sonny Hale, seven, is a member of the school’s eco club that meets up every Tuesday to grow vegetables and plant seeds.

He says: ‘I love being outdoors, there are so many things to watch and enjoy.

‘The environmental club is so much fun, and my favourite activity is birdwatching – researching birds, colouring them in and looking out for them in our playing fields.

‘Even though the wellies made it hard to sit down, I’m glad we wore them to raise money for our outdoor area. I’m very proud of our school for making such a big effort.’

Langstone already boasts an orchard, an outdoor classroom and a shed, and there are plans to build a recycled greenhouse out of 2litre bottles.

Sarah Cutler, Year 3 teacher, who runs the eco club, says: ‘It’s wonderful to see our pupils take such an interest in the environment.’