Bouncing Tigger’s date with my fairy

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Greetings Chipsters! Ooooh, I’m getting so excited. Are you?

I love Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year and the thought of spending time with lots of friends, all those presents and extra long walks makes me growl with great expectation, in a friendly sort of way of course.

In fact I’m so excited I can’t stop chasing my tail – going round and round and round until I’m so giddy it makes my eyes wobble.

As you might remember, my old mate Winnie the Pooh is coming to stay and I’ve got a lovely honey-roast ham ordered for us to enjoy on Christmas Day.

I’m especially looking forward to that juicy bone at the end. But sssshhhhh – don’t tell Piglet... he might not be best pleased.

Pooh texted me the other day to say how much he’s looking forward to seeing me and decorating my kennel – Dunyelping. He says he might even get his friend Tigger over to help put the fairy on top of the tree since he can jump much higher than both of us.

And at some time over the Christmas holidays Pooh and I are planning a trip to the cinema to see Paddington because I know how much Pooh likes to stay in touch with his cousins – even the ones from darkest Peru.

I bet some of you have been to see it, so why not write to me and tell me what you thought of the film.

Meanwhile, as we all get mega excited waiting for Father Christmas and the sound of those jingling reindeer harnesses, why not have a go at colouring this picture, and send them to me. Chip chip for now.