Breast Friends have provided vital support for 10 years

(From left) Lauren Farnhill, Sandy Turvill and Ann Hiskey
(From left) Lauren Farnhill, Sandy Turvill and Ann Hiskey
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Setting up a support group for breast cancer sufferers means that Ann Hiskey, Lauren Farnhill and Sandy Turvill are this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winners.

Ann and Lauren started the Portsmouth Breast Friends group a decade ago.

Group secretary Ann said: ‘Letters were sent around by the breast cancer care nurse about starting a group as there wasn’t one in Portsmouth.

‘We offer support, friendship and information for women who have, or are recovering, from breast cancer.

‘We also fundraise, but that has very much a by-product from people supporting us.’

In the past 10 years the group has raised more than £20,000.

Group treasurer Lauren said: ‘We have had donations from all sorts of different groups and the money is spent locally.

‘We have bought equipment for Queen Alexandra Hospital, for women who needed alternative therapy or for transport.’

The group, which has around 70 members, meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the Macmillan centre at the QA in Cosham.

Guest speakers give talks and support and advice is provided.

On October 1 an evening to acknowledge all the work done by the group is being held. The sold-out 10th Anniversary Pink Ball takes place at the Marriott Hotel. For more information on the group visit