Bright designs make Chipper’s pal proud

Hollie Mullaney's picture
Hollie Mullaney's picture
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Hi there my faithful friends and welcome to today’s bright and colourful Chipper Club page.

Chinese New Year starts on Monday and we’ll soon be moving into the year of the dragon.

Gabriella Jones's drawing

Gabriella Jones's drawing

To celebrate, I asked you to give my friendly dragon a new coat he could be proud of and as usual, you didn’t let me down.

I loved your works of art and hope you enjoy seeing four of the colourful dragons I received here on today’s page.

Special thanks go to the Chipsters responsible for these bold and eye-catching designs.

Clockwise from top left, the drawings belong to Chipsters 607 Hollie Mullaney, 568 Gabriella Jones, 999 Tallulah Bishop and 1031 Tori Duggan.

Thanks girls! I really loved your work.

That’s it for this week so until next Saturday I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X