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Chipper's butterfly
Chipper's butterfly
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David Curwen, centre, hugs his mother with whom he wa sreunited. Completing the group is his brother Keith

THIS WEEK IN 1975: Reunited after 30 years – but only thanks to a kind stranger

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Hi there my friends and welcome to another fun-packed Chipper Club page.

The days have been so grey that I thought I’d give you another chance to brighten things up for your fellow Chipper Club members.

Here’s a picture of a beautiful flutterby – sorry ‘butterfly’, I always get muddled up with that word. You can colour it in and don’t forget the pretty flowers behind it.

I think it would be a lovely picture to give to your mum for Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday.

Or you could send it to me. As you know, I like to cheer up my kennel walls with your pictures.

But first I’ll print them on this page to show all the other Chipsters how good you are at colouring in. And next week I’ll show off some more of your snail pictures too.

Don’t forget to make your butterflies as bright as possible. You can even add glitter, use shiny pens or stick on colourful bits of paper.

I bet you didn’t know, Chipsters, that the fastest butterflies are called skippers.

They can travel at 37 miles per hour. That’s faster than your mum or dad’s car goes in town. Imagine a little creature being able to do that.

If there was a butterfly Olympics, the skippers would be like Usain Bolt.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x

The winners of the Fishers Farm Park competition are Chipsters 1441 Lewis Stanford, 782 Tia Richardson and 3030 Declan Shinar.

They each win a family ticket to the attraction in West Sussex.

Well done you three, I hope you have a lovely day out with your families. I’m sure you’ll have a nice time as there’s a lot to do at Fishers Farm Park.

You can go skating or whizz down the fun toboggan run ( a kind of slide) in a big inflatable doughnut.

And you can eat the smaller kind of doughnuts too, as well as other snacks. That could be a lovely treat after all the activities. Tuck in my friends.

You can also see lots of different farm animals.

This week there’s a chance to win a Blue Nose Friends play set.

It looks like a camera and has a viewfinder so you can look at Blue Nose Friends characters on holiday.

Then when you open it up, there’s a whole cafe to play with inside.

It even has an ice cream counter and till.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

Good luck my friends, as always I’ll keep my paws crossed for you.

And look out for more competitions in the weeks to come.

If you’re not a Chipster yet what are you waiting for?

Joining is free and easy – just log on to

You can write to me at Chipper, The News, The News Centre, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO2 9SX.

Or you can e-mail me at