Calling all old boys and staff from the Southern Grammar School...

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Old Secundrians Association: A few months ago The News kindly printed a request from The Old Secundrians Association.

It was for any old boys, particularly those who joined the Southern Grammar School for Boys in the 1960s, to contact me if they were interested in becoming members of the Association and attending the annual dinner in May.

The response was very encouraging but we are sure there are more out there. I would be delighted to hear from you if you were a pupil or a member of staff of any age - but especially, the “youngsters” (who will now be in there 50s or early 60s).

Membership is free and, if you contact me, you will also receive an invitation to this year’s annual dinner which will be held on Friday May 11 (there is a charge for that, of course).

Chris Wrein

Tel: 07789 105734

RAGGETT: My name is Cyril Shepherdson and I am an ex marine (Po/x 6861 King Squad 498) in 42 commando. I joined in 1946 and became best friends with a Dave Raggett and lost contact in 1953. His number was po/x 5529. His last known location was Gosport.

After many years wondering and having just been diagnosed with cancer my thoughts have turned to my previous years.

I have plenty of old pictures of him. If anyone is willing to help me please reply to my email.

Cyril Shepherdson

Royal Berkshire Regiment: The hunt is on to find all former members to attend a Grand Annual Reunion Weekend on July 21-22 at Brock Barracks Reading. I am in touch with 300 ex Royal Berkshire Regiment men living around the UK,some have already booked so come along before it is to late to meet your old army mates.

Stan Knipe

Tel: 01452728823