Cat who turned the tables on trick or treaters

Mea's halloween picture
Mea's halloween picture
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Well, Halloween might have been and gone, but I wanted to share this marvellous picture coloured immaculately by 10-year-old Mea Salva Croker, from Milton, Portsmouth.

And who’s that taking a ride on one of my pumpkins? None other than my feisty feline friend Brindley Milligan.

The old boy managed to stay on top of the orange sphere long enough for two circuits of the garden here at Dunyelping.

He’s a courageous little thing. He was not at all scared of the trick or treaters from the rabbit warren in the nearby wood who came knocking on the kennel door demanding bones, chews and other treats we both enjoy. He goaded them into tricking us, refusing to hand over any of our goodies.

Their tricks were pathetic, so Brindley decided he could do better.

When they had finished their blood-curling screams and wiped away the splodges of fake blood dripping from their faces, he arched his back, made all his fur stand on end and hissed, spat and snarled far better than I could manage.

It had the desired effect and sent them scurrying back to their burrows, quivering.

It was the same with last week’s fireworks. I must admit they make me jump when they explode, but I do like the pretty colours.

But Brindley, far from cowering in a corner, loves them. He was out in the garden literally jumping for joy at the enormous bangs.

No sooner are Halloween and bonfire night done and dusted than along comes Christmas.

Four lucky Chipsters have each won family tickets to two great shows at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton – Here Be Monsters or The Santa Trap.

Big congratulations to:

Billy Crowley (5098)

Edward Milne (2052)

Oscar Mellers (1797)

Ben Rees (1299)

If you weren’t lucky enough to be one of those winners, why not have a go at this week’s competition, which could see four of you and your families watching the pantomime Cinderella at the Kings Theatre, Southsea?

Chip chip for now,