Check out the bright drawings of dragons

Chipster Scarlet Davies sent in this picture.
Chipster Scarlet Davies sent in this picture.

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Hi there Chipper Club fans, welcome to this week’s fun-filled Chipper Club page.

If you’re a Chipster this is the page for you. I’m here every Saturday and if you’re in my club you should be here too!

Isabelle Hall's picture of a dragon.

Isabelle Hall's picture of a dragon.

There’s a weekly competition, plenty of rib tickling jokes and always plenty of news about your fellow Chipper Club members to enjoy.

A couple of weeks ago I set you all a task – to colour in the outline of a friendly-looking dragon. Here’s four of the best entries and, as promised, details of the Chipster who has won a special prize.

I loved all the pictures I received but Chipster 999 Scarlet Davies, six and from Emsworth, takes the prize for the bright colours used and neatness of her drawing. Well done Scarlet! Hope you enjoy the books!

Also featured here today are the drawings of Chipsters 225 Summer Brown, 1739 Isabelle Hall and 629 Archie Machin. Well done guys, I loved your pictures and hope the rest of you enjoy seeing them on this page.

A special Chipper Club shout-out goes to Morgan Durow for her hilarious jokes – check them to the right of the page.

That’s it this week Chipsters so until next Saturday, I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X