Cheeky comment led to a wedding

June and Laurie Benson celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary
June and Laurie Benson celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary
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The old phrase ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ rings true for June and Laurie Benson. Far from treating her like a lady when they met for the first time at a pub in Gosport, Laurie said to his friends: ‘June is busting out all over.’

June, now 64, says: ‘He was really quite rude to me! But I think it definitely worked to get my attention.’

June and Laurie Benson on their wedding day

June and Laurie Benson on their wedding day

The couple met at a dance at HMS Sultan as Laurie was in the Royal Navy at the time. They quickly fell for one another and just 12 weeks later they were engaged.

They married on June 3, 1972, at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Gosport and have just celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary with 40 happy years together.

It has been a double celebration for the couple, as June celebrated her 64th birthday on June 6.

After their wedding, June and Laurie went on holiday to Benidorm for two weeks.

Speaking about Laurie, now 63, June says: ‘I always said he married me for my money, not that I have any money!

‘I loved our honeymoon in Benidorm – I went back again on my 30th birthday which was lovely.’

The couple have two children Lisa, 38, and Joanna, 34, plus two grand-children Imogen, 14, and eight-year-old Declan.

Laurie now works for the Ministry Of Defence while June likes to look after their two grandchildren.

To celebrate their anniversary the couple are planning to go on holiday to Mexico later on in the year.

June believes the secret to a happy marriage is to always like each other.

She says: ‘I would say it’s because he behaves himself, but that’s wrong! It’s give and take. He’s really a very placid man. I’m really loud and noisy and I think we like each other, that’s why it works.

‘I’ll give him a clip around the ear every once and a while, but as long as we’re together then everything’s alright.’