Childhood Memories

Kelly Truscott, from Gosport, talks about her childhood memories.
Kelly Truscott, from Gosport, talks about her childhood memories.
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Kelly Truscott, 26, from Gosport, talks about her fondest childhood memories.

When I was two I went to pick up my dad from hospital. He’d been in there a year and it was the first time I’d seen him since he went in. So it’s a bit sad, but happy too.

n How was school?

School was good but there’s things I’d do differently if I did it again. I was fairly well behaved, but I did have my moments.

n What did you get up to with your friends?

We used to play in the alley round the back of the house with the local kids. We played manhunt, bulldog and football a lot. We also used to have family barbecues that my friends came to.

n What do you remember about your birthdays?

My birthday is in the summer so we used to have lots of barbecues outside. I remember having a nice pink cake with a teddy bear on it with a pointy hat. For my 21st I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe but I only really remember the beginning of that one!

n Any clothes that stick out in your memory?

I used to have a pink shell suit, and colourful bumbags. I remember some big white flairs, that I wouldn’t wear now, obviously. I used to wear my hair on top of my head in a big scrunchy as well. It was the eighties.

n What music did you listen to?

I was into Take That and East 17, but mainly Take That. I saw them live and cried when they broke up.

n What TV programmes did you watch?

Home and Away and Neighbours. When I was really young I liked Button Moon and the Clangers.

n What sweets did you eat?

I remember we used to sneak out of school to go and get Ice Poles – they were massive lemonade flavoured ice lollies.

n What toys did you play with?

Barbie! I had one with really long hair and a fluffy white dog.

n What was the naughtiest thing you did?

At infant school I was sent out of assembly to wash my hands because I had glue on them but I went to go and finish my crafts and missed all of the assembly. It doesn’t sound much but when you are that age it seems pretty bad. I also used to ping my little sister’s rocking chair, but I guess that’s what big sisters do!