Childhood memories

Wendy Pettitt recalls some of her fondest memories
Wendy Pettitt recalls some of her fondest memories
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Wendy Pettitt, 42, and from Clanfield recalls some of her fondest memories.

Playing in my nanny’s garden in Stamshaw. I would have been three or four and they used to live right next to the sea – before the M275 was built!

n What do you remember about your birthdays?

My best birthday memory was when I was probably about seven or eight. My friends and I had been playing pass the parcel in the front room before going through to the dining room for party food. Little did we know that my little brother, who was two years younger than me, had been dipping his finger in and out of my birthday cake. When we arrived it was full of little finger holes.

n How was school?

School was OK, although I was bullied until I went to secondary school, not horrendously so, but enough to upset me on a regular basis. However, I always enjoyed and did well at the learning side of things.

n What did you get up to with your friends?

I used to play in the street next to mine with my best friend. Play time was always in the middle of the road due to the lack of traffic and parked cars.

n What toys did you play with?

I used to love Sindy and Pippa dolls. I also loved my Girls’ World where I could make up the face and do the hair. But I was also a great bookworm and always devouring Enid Blyton books or anything else I could get my hands on.

n What did you watch on the TV?

The Clangers, Mary, Mungo and Midge, Bagpuss and in my teens I was a huge fan of Grange Hill, Crackerjack and Runaround.

n Any clothes that stick out in your memory?

I had the most fantastic orange dress with white spots. It would probably be laughed at now but I loved that dress.

n What music did you listen to?

Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Paul Young, Wham and anything my mum listened to (Barbra Streisand, Val Doonican, Perry Como, Frank Ifield and Elvis).

n What was the naughtiest thing you did?

I punched my brother on the nose and got detention at school for defacing the table with my compass by writing my name.