Childhood memories

Claire Druce talks about her favourite childhood memories.
Claire Druce talks about her favourite childhood memories.
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Today Claire Druce, 32, from Southsea, recalls some of her fondest memories.

Receiving a Dusty Bin for Christmas. It was from the game show 3-2-1. I remember it being very soft and it meant I had somewhere I could store things. I must have been about five.

n What do you remember about your birthdays?

I remember always eating too much, mainly sweet things. Maybe that’s where my sweet tooth has developed from.

n How was school?

I enjoyed school and learning. Not so sure about the uniform though – bright yellow blouses. I was a very shy child, which made life interesting, but I loved taking part in any sporting activity too.

n What did you get up to with your friends?

If we weren’t outside on some adventure we’d be bopping around to music in one of our houses.

n What toys did you play with?

I remember collecting the Garbage Pail Kid stickers, buying packet after packet to complete the sets and therefore getting through a lot of chewing gum. I also used to like playing with LEGO, creating different structures.

n What did you watch on television?

I don’t remember watching too much television but the loveable alien Alf comes to mind.

n What sweets did you eat?

I used to like the one penny pick and mix, where you could choose and get a selection of different sweets. I quite liked the individually-wrapped Fruit Salad sweets.

n Any clothes that stick out in your memory?

I was a bit of a tomboy in my youth so for me it was something I was comfy and could play around in.

n What music did you listen to?

A mixture of music really including Madonna and Queen. I still really enjoy now listening to music from the 1980s.

n What was the naughtiest thing you did?

With such a sweet tooth I used to climb on the chair and kitchen surfaces to get the biscuit tin and then deny eating them. How could I have got in to the cupboard so high up? It must have been my brother, who generally did get the blame.