Childhood memories

Donna Beck recalls some of her fondest memories.
Donna Beck recalls some of her fondest memories.
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Donna Beck, 38, from Havant, recalls some of her fondest memories.

My earliest memory is watching my mum change my brother’s nappy, I was about three.

n What do you remember about your birthdays?

I don’t actually remember a lot about my birthdays because we never had big parties or anything like that. I do remember spending time with my friends and a surprise party when I turned 18.

n How was school?

School was fine, I never had any problems. I day dreamed too much and was more of an outsider than a trendy kid but I used to make people laugh. I loved sport. I used to win races for my secondary school in the 100 metres.

n What did you get up to with your friends?

We were just like most kids in that we would find ways to entertain ourselves, hang out in parks, meet new people and listen to tapes at each others houses. What I remember most is our bike rides to Hayling Island beach. We would rub baby oil on ourselves and grill under the sun. Not recommended.

n What toys did you play with?

I didn’t really play with dolls until I was older and my sister and I were given those baby dolls that looked real. We’d take them out in pushchairs and dress them up. We had a knitted rabbit each as well and sometimes, when we’d fallen out with each other, one of us would find our rabbit with its legs tied in a knot, or its dress inside out.

n What did you watch on television?

Sesame Street and Rupert the Bear.

n What music did you listen to?

When I was really young I had a thing for Marc Bolan. I was kind of hypnotised by his hair and kind face.

When I became a teenager it was Adam and the Ants, Duran Duran and Madonna.

Later it was The Smiths and The Wonder Stuff who turned me onto more alternative music.

n What was the naughtiest thing you did?

When I was little I was playing monsters with my sister and threw a piece of wood at her but there was a nail sticking out and it made a small hole in her head – there was quite a lot of blood.

It was an accident but my parents were upset about it.