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Antonia Furze
Antonia Furze
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Portsmouth resident Antonia Furze is currently on an apprenticeship as a finance assistant at the Kings Theatre, Southsea. Here the 18-year-old recalls some of their fondest memories.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I have a short memory from my third birthday. I remember being in this place called Monster Mania, which was an indoor play centre. I remember being scared of a bouncy castle with a monster’s face painted on it.

How was school?

When I was younger I really enjoyed school. I loved being in school plays and class assemblies. I certainly liked being the centre of attention. I was also fond of art. I used to sit there for ages trying to make my artwork perfect so it would be put on the wall. I always liked getting recognition for my work.

What did you get up to with your friends?

We used to make up songs and dances, thinking we were going to be the next pop stars. I also used to like playing make believe, pretending I was a teacher and taking the register, or pretending I had a baby, pushing my dolls along in their pram and changing their clothes.

What do you remember about your birthdays?

I always remember my mum and dad covering the house with balloons and banners and they always had a party for me. My favourite birthday as a child was my seventh birthday, when I had a fancy dress party and dressed up as a hippie. I think I ended up with three birthday cakes that year – that’s why it was my favourite.

What toys did you play with?

When I was a little girl I played with Barbies. I had hundreds of them and my favourite thing was my Barbie dream house that my nan bought for me one Christmas. It was a big pink princess castle, I wanted to live in there.

What music did you listen to?

My favourite band was S Club 7. I was obsessed with them. I even had their TV series on video. My dad won’t let me live that one down.

What programmes did you watch on TV?

Some of my favourites were Mr Benn, Sooty and Sweep and Bananas in Pyjamas.

What was the naughtiest thing you did?

I was about four. My parents were decorating and painted a wall bright red. When they were asleep I found the paint and managed to paint giant red noughts and crosses on my pink carpet and red handprints leading from my bedroom to the bathroom. They weren’t happy.