Childhood memories with Graham Street

Graham Street
Graham Street
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Graham Srreet, 48, from Paulsgrove was the winner of The News’ Biggest Loser weight loss competition with 24/7 Fitness. Graham has lost an incredible six stone four pounds since January and will take part in the Fareham triathalon later this month. Today he recalls some of his fondest childhood memories.

· What’s your earliest childhood memory?

My first childhood memory must be playing in the garden with my brothers. My father was in the Parachute Regiment and had kept a big parachute for us to use as a tent. It covered ours and next door’s gardens. I must have been around four.

· What do you remember about your birthdays?

My birthday is April 10 so it’s normally around Easter. I mostly got extra chocolate eggs but we always had a birthday breakfast together as a family to open cards. We still do that now even though I am 48.

· How was school?

School was okay, I have three older brothers that were there at the same time, so I was well looked after. But looking back now, I was a bit of a handful for the poor teachers.

· What did you get up to with your friends?

My evenings were mostly taken up with sports clubs and hanging around by the beach. I had a good set of mates and we are still in touch now, even though I joined the Royal Navy 25 years ago and live 150 miles away from where I grew up.

· What toys did you play with?

I was a keen skateboarder and a crazy disco dancer in my early years. I don’t skateboard any more – but my dancing prowess is amazing.

· Any clothes that stand out in your memory?

Having three older brothers I had all the hand-me-downs. I remember going to the school disco in a really great pair of Oxford baggies (trousers) and a wide collar cheesecloth shirt. I looked great. Only thing was I was four years out of date.

· What music did you listen to?

I am a massive ABBA fan as it’s the only music mum would have on – unless dad put his Simon and Garfunkel LP on. Later I was into the Mod scene and a Madness follower.

· What’s the naughtiest thing you did?

I was a naughty lad but cheeky with it so didn’t get into much real trouble. I do recall one incident when the first of my mates got married. On his stag night we wrestled him to the ground and told him we’d heard a crack from his leg. We had fixed it with a mate’s mum at the hospital that we would bring him in and he had his leg plastered from toe to hip.

We only told him there was nothing wrong when he got back from honeymoon. Naughty but funny.