Childhood memories with Ian Pratt

What would you do if your sister's husband made a pass at you?

DEAR FIONA: My sister’s husband made a pass at me – what should I do?

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Ian Pratt is 49-year-old, from Southsea, works at the Kings Theatre as lighting director. Today he recalls some of his fondest childhood memories.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I can distinctly remember wheeling around the garden of our London bungalow in a blue pedal car when I was toddler.

hat do you remember about your birthdays?

I’ve had too many of them! I’ve always preferred small birthday celebration with a few friends, rather than big parties.

What did you get up to with your friends?

In the 1970s there wasn’t as much going on as there is now. I remember playing tennis in the local park and cycling round to see friends.

What did you watch on TV?

As a kid, I loved Star Trek and was always annoyed when I had to turn it over so my mum could watch Coronation Street.

What surprises me looking back is how many shows I watched as a kid that are still going all these years later – Blue Peter, Scooby Doo, and others.

What sweets did you eat?

Anything with chocolate.

What music did you listen to?

All the rock and roll bands of the Seventies – Queen, Rolling Stones, ELO to name a few, but only because my friends did. I wasn’t really as taken with them as they were but now they are icons, and all their tributes play at the Kings.

Any clothes that stand out in your memory?

I really do not want to remember the horrible clothes we wore in the 1970s.

How was school?

It happened. I found my love for sailing and the theatre at school and I will always be grateful for that.

It gave me the qualifications I needed and I had a happy time and made some great friends.

What toys did you play with?

My favourite toy as a youngster was Lego, I played with it for hours and when my sons get given a Lego set I always enjoy helping them build it.

What was the naughtiest thing you did?

I was a boring kid with a great mum and dad and a pain of a little sister. So I guess the worst thing I did was constantly wind up my sister – sorry sis!