Childhood memories with Max Olesker

MEMORIES Max Olesker
MEMORIES Max Olesker
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Max Olesker, 25, is comedian and lives in Somers Town, Portsmouth. He and comedy partner Ivan Gonzalez won a coveted prize at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe for their show The Wrestling. Here he recalls his foundest memories.

·· What is your earliest childhood memory?

Earliest memory...good question. No idea really, probably my first day at nursery at Cottage Grove but I can’t remember any specific details.

· How did you spend your birthdays?

They were mainly the typical kind of loving, celebratory, family affairs.

I remember having personalised cards and cakes – which was always nice.

· What did you get up to with your friends?

Nothing too out of the ordinary I don’t think. I recall lots of very theatrical, idiotic performances which I think I was probably remembered for!

·· How was school?

Very positive – I enjoyed school and remember having a lovely time at Wimborne Primary and secondary school.

· What did you watch on TV?

Hmm...Shooting Stars. Was that on around that period? I think so.

The typical quirky 1990s comedies too, like Red Dwarf and the Fast Show.

· What toys did you play with?

Books? I guess that’s not really a toy though. Yo-Yos when they were briefly in fashion when I was about 11. The Sega Megadrive was a big hit too!

· What music did you listen to?

Probably a horrific selection of folk music that my dad would play me...I didn’t have much choice in the matter!

And the Now cassette tapes as well. I think I have a large stash of them somewhere.

· Any clothes that stand out in your memory?

My dear old gandma’s knitted woolly jumpers.

· What was the naughtiest thing you did?

Nothing comes straight to mind really. I must have done something wildly extravagant though.

It’s not particularly naughty but when my neighbour’s goldfish died I did force my mum to give it a formal burial.