Childhood memories with Megan Broderick

Megan Broderick
Megan Broderick
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Megan Broderick, 19, lives in Cowplain and works at the Kings Theatre, Southsea, as an administrative assistant. Here she recalls some of her fondest childhood memories.

· What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I think I was about four or five when a petting zoo came to my school in Gosport. They set up a fence in the field and I remember we all got to take it in turns to feed one of the lambs with a bottle of milk.

· What do you remember about your birthdays?

I remember every time I had a birthday we’d get to have party food for dinner; egg mayonnaise sandwiches, bowls of crisps and sweets, and jelly. I also remember playing pass the parcel and musical statues.

· How was school?

I liked school. My junior school had a pool and we’d have a swimming lesson once a week in the summer.

I used to like science lessons when we made circuits with batteries and light bulbs. I especially remember doing things like Tudor day and Roman day.

· What did you get up to with your friends?

We went through a stage of wanting to be archaeologists so we used to dig for rocks in the playground. We also used to make miniature ladders and swings in the trees and pretend they were houses for fairies.

· What toys did you play with?

I had two dolls that were my favourites and they had a wooden doll-sized bunk bed. I had a rag doll that was as big as I was and she had red pigtails as well. I also used to play with K’nex and Lego a lot. And I had a Lego doll house that could be built in loads of different combinations.

· What did you watch on television?

I was a massive fan of The Simpsons. I think I must have watched it every day, even when it was a repeat. I remember watching programmes like Top Cat, Wacky Races, Rugrats and loads of others.

· What music did you listen to?

I used to listen to the Spice Girls and Steps when I was little and I went through a phase of listening to Avril Lavigne a lot when I was in junior school.

· Any clothes that stand out in your memory?

I had a pair of dungarees, which seems pretty retro now. I also had a blue dress with lemons and limes on it and a straw hat that had a big sunflower on it.

· What was the naughtiest thing you did?

I never did anything really bad but I remember at infant school I once scribbled on pretty much the entire table and then tried to blame it on the girl who was sat next to me.