Childhood memories with Natalie Foster

Natalie Foster
Natalie Foster
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Natalie Foster, 24, from Southsea, is a trainee solicitor at Verisona Solicitors & Advocates. Here she recalls some of her fondest childhood memories.

· What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I was about three years old when I started dance classes and I remember my first ones taking place in a community centre in North End.

It was a small class of about eight or nine girls and we all wore leotards of different colours and patterns. I went on to dance until I was 16 and during that time did various performances with the Portsmouth Players.

· What do you remember about your birthdays?

Every year, my dad would take me to T.G.I. Fridays in Segensworth. I loved it there – especially the milkshakes. There would always be a group of family and friends and my mum made me a cake. I remember standing on my chair in the restaurant while the staff sang ‘Happy Birthday’ before I blew out the candles.

· How was school?

I worked hard and enjoyed school. I started off at Goldsmith Infant School, then Lyndhurst Junior and attended senior school at Admiral Lord Nelson. My favourite subjects were history, geography, French and drama. I also enjoyed cross country running which we did at the Mountbatten Centre.

· What did you get up to with your friends?

There used to be a group of us that would meet at the Pyramids on a Saturday morning because there was a special offer for children that included a portion of chips for lunch.

· What toys did you play with?

I was a real girly girl. I loved dolls, especially Barbie and Baby Born which you had to feed, burp and then change its nappy. When I was older, I enjoyed going outside on my roller blades and meeting up with friends to play in the street where I lived.

· What did you watch on TV?

I preferred to watch films rather than TV. My favourites were The Goonies, Labyrinth, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Three Men and a Baby and the sequel Three Men and a Little Lady. I watched them over and over again.

· What music did you listen to?

For me, it was all about boybands: Five, Blue, Take That and Nsync. The first single I ever bought was Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl.

· Any clothes that stand out in your memory?

My party dress was electric blue with different colour polka dots.

· What was the naughtiest thing you did?

I flushed my grandad’s cordless phone down the toilet. I can’t remember what caused the situation, but I was being told off.