Children played important roles

Natasha and John Taylor pic:
Natasha and John Taylor pic:
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Newlyweds Natasha and John Taylor’s first dance didn’t exactly go smoothly, but it was a nice family moment anyway.

As they moved (awkwardly Natasha admits) to their favourite tune, the couple’s one-year-old son Harry ran up to join in.

‘I picked him up and he accidentally headbutted me,’ she laughs. ‘It was actually quite painful but we carried on all dancing together anyway. To be honest we’d felt quite embarrassed, we’re both quite shy and not very good dancers.’

Representing the family at the evening event with some more impressive moves was the couple’s six-year-old daughter Tiffany, who performed with her dance school group.

Tiffany is a pupil at Dance Divas in Gosport and several of her friends were at the wedding. When the DJ played Psy’s Gentleman, they decided to show off a routine they’d already rehearsed.

The Gosport couple’s other son Jamie, four, and John’s 14-year-old daughter Chloe were also an important part of the big day. Chloe was a bridesmaid, along with Tiffany and four others, and Jamie kept hold of the rings until it was time for Mum and Dad to exchange them.

Not surprisingly there was plenty of excitement. ‘It was all a bit crazy really, they were buzzing,’ laughs Natasha.

Natasha, 24, and John, 34, were married at Portsmouth Register Office and held their reception at Titchfield Community Centre.

They met at Gosport ice rink where Natasha was a figure skater and John played ice hockey.

He proposed in 2006 but the couple started their family and a wedding was off the cards for a while.

It was worth the wait as the whole family had a wonderful day with about 50 guests.

Instead of a honeymoon, they will be having a family holiday later in the year.

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