Children step back to Egyptian times to create an exhibition

ALL SMILES Children from Craneswater Primary School with the Egypt Exhibition. Picture: Mick Young
ALL SMILES Children from Craneswater Primary School with the Egypt Exhibition. Picture: Mick Young
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Every year when our new Year 3 pupils start at the school, we like to give them an interesting topic to get their teeth stuck into.

It goes down well to start the year off and to help them get settled into their new school.

So this year we decided to study the Egyptians and we’ve been doing this all through the term.

Since September we’ve been working on this and now we’ve got a wonderful exhibition to show off to all the family and friends of the children.

We have been learning about the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians’ daily life.

Most of it is focused on the afterlife.

So we’ve been learning about mummification and tombs.

It’s cross-curricular so it covers other subjects such as ICT, art and dance.

It has had so many benefits for them across these different subjects.

We taught them Egyptian dancing, which they absolutely loved.

It’s been fantastic, the children have loved it.

Right from the beginning they knew that they would be doing things to contribute towards the museum.

They have made nearly 400 artefacts from beetles, cats and pyramids.

The response that we got from parents was great.

A lot of them put a lot of work into it as a huge part of the work was actually done at home as part of their homework.

We’ve also taken the children up to Highclere Castle near Newbury to look at the Egyptian exhibition up there.

It’s been fantastic. The children have enjoyed it.

There has been such a good reaction.

We feel that to have an end product that they are working towards is important.

The wrote invitations to invite people into the exhibition.

They have asked parents or grandparents to come in and see all their hard work.

And they designed posters to get people to come along.

All of the writing that they have done has had a general purpose to it.

It has engaged all of the pupils. I don’t know any of them that haven’t been interested.

Children have been doing things at home.

And over half term several of them went up to the British Museum.

Generally we have got good support from the parents.

So we knew it was going to be a busy afternoon when we opened up the exhibition and made it public.

We’re so pleased with how it has gone.