Chipper challenge to help you celebrate!

There will be plenty of fireworks going off around midnight on New Year's Eve
There will be plenty of fireworks going off around midnight on New Year's Eve
Ben Chudley''Ben Chudley warming up for his double event

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Hi there Chipper Club fans and welcome to another thrilling instalment of the page dedicated to all you Chipsters out there.

So, did you have a good Christmas?

Your old pal Chipper had a marvellous time – but definitely overindulged on the doggy chocolates Santa was kind enough to leave in my stocking.

Not to worry though, a few extra walkies over the next few weeks should soon sort me out.

Christmas Day might feel like a long time ago to all you Chipsters who’ve been enjoying yourself over the festive holidays, but don’t forget to tell me and your fellow club members all about what you got up to.

Letters and e-mails to the usual addresses please – you never know, it might earn you a special mention on this page!

Today is New Year’s Eve, so while I’m sure most of you will be tucked up in bed by the time midnight comes and goes, I know you’ll join me now in wishing everyone a happy new year.

There are bound to be plenty of fireworks set off to see in 2012. While it’s true that dogs aren’t that keen on loud bangs and whizzes, I love seeing pictures of fireworks.

So today’s just-for-fun Chipper Club challenge involves the outline of fireworks printed here on the right.

If you can’t stay up late enough to see some real life rockets tonight, colour in this picture and send it to me instead.

I like eye-catching fireworks, so use all the colours of a rainbow to make this the best display anyone has ever seen.

That’s it for today my friends. In fact, that’s your lot for this year!

But your old pal Chipper will see you in 2012 – when there will be more Chipper Club fun in store for you all.

Chip chip for now, love Chipper X