Chipper makes surprise visit to wish Eleanor happy birthday

Eleanor Downing and her friends party with Chipper
Eleanor Downing and her friends party with Chipper
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Birthday girl Eleanor Downing had a surprise visitor pop in to see her on her big day.

The youngster was celebrating her fifth birthday at home when News mascot Chipper stopped off to see her.

Our big dog had spent the weekend attending the Portchester Gala and was in the area to give Eleanor a birthday treat.

Mum, Miriam Downing, says: ‘Chipper had been at the gala and as he was doing that he popped in to give Eleanor a present. It was really good. She was really surprised but everyone thought it was really great.’

This was Eleanor’s first proper birthday party with her friends and she invited pals from school and elsewhere to join her on her special day.

The party took place at her home in Portchester and a bouncy castle had been arranged to keep everyone entertained.

Sadly, bad weather put an end to that but everyone enjoyed themselves anyway.

The party guests played games including musical statues, pass the parcel and pin the collar on the cat.

Eleanor – pictured here standing right next to Chipper – had lots of lovely presents, including a toy dog that barks.

She also had a cake in the shape of Belle, from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

‘She had a brilliant time,’ adds Miriam.