Chipsters have been busy with their pens

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Hi there Chipper Club fans! Welcome to this week’s fun-filled page, dedicated to all you Chipsters out there.

So, how are you my friends? And what have you been up to lately?

Chipster 1758, Chloe Mann, has been very busy recently.

The 10-year-old, from Southsea, sent me the marvellous drawing which appears on today’s page.

I’m sure you will all agree that a lot of hard work and effort has gone into producing this masterpiece. Thank you Chloe, I hope you enjoy seeing your picture take pride of place.

Don’t forget Chipsters, this page is yours, so every time you send me an e-mail or letter, I promise to include it for the rest of the Chipsters to look at.

Chipster 1753, Libby Harfield, from Wickham knows my e-mail address (it is for all of you who don’t know it off by heart yet!).

She sent me a message recently and it read: ‘I went camping this week and on Wednesday night we had hot chocolate and my brother Tom was doing this funny dance which made me spit out my hot chocolate three times!’

That must have been some funny dance Libby – your old pal Chipper is a bit of a mover too but it sounds like Tom could outshine me on the dance floor.

That’s it for this week my friends so, until next Saturday, I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X