Choir leader Janet gets vocal for international water cause

Janet Ayers
Janet Ayers
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Community-minded Janet Ayers is this week’s worthy We Can Do It T-shirt winner because she is leading a sing-a-thon in aid of a worthy cause.

Janet, who runs Southsea Community Choir, will perform seven songs with her members at The Porter’s Garden in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on Sunday, September 9.

The Sing for Water event was set up in London 10 years ago and is being held in Portsmouth for the third time.

Last year, £700 was raised for the charity.

Janet, 39, of Victoria Road South, Southsea, has been running community choirs in the city for six years. She says: ‘Sing for Water puts back into those developing countries that are often a rich source of songs that we sing.

‘We all have the right to clean safe water.

‘I’m always impressed by what people bring to the singing groups, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

‘Even when someone thinks they can’t sing, it’s always great to see them find their voice. The groups are a success because people want to have a go.

‘That’s often the biggest hurdle, having the confidence to come along to a new group.

‘Community choirs are all about sharing through singing and music-making and being inspired by songs from other communities around the world.’

Entry to the event, which starts at 2pm, is free. For more information visit