Chuck it, whack it, leg it and have fun

The rule of rounders is to have a great time
The rule of rounders is to have a great time
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Whether you’re a fielder, bowler, hitter or even misser, a new campaign hopes to get you back into rounders.

The governing body of the family game and sport is encouraging people of all ages to get outside and pick up the bat and ball.

Rounders England hopes more people will use the favourite childhood game to get some exercise, enjoy the fresh air and spend quality time with friends and family.

Amey Tostevin is a relationship manager for Rounders England which has been working with organisations around the country to encourage people to set up clubs.

She says: ‘We want to get people back into it and recognise that it’s a fun sport that doesn’t involve slogging away too much.’

Amey’s region covers Portsmouth and she says the rounders governing body is always looking for volunteers to set up local sessions.

The organisation is encouraging corporate, student and school gate clubs (where parents have a game after dropping the kids off).

And Rounders England, which is the governing body for the sport at the highest levels (there are national teams), is just as concerned with rounders as an ideal family pursuit.

‘It’s such a fun sport and can be enjoyed by all abilities and all ages,’ says Amey. ‘It can also be a mixed sport and is certainly something for all the family.’

The organisation is using the motto ‘chuck it, whack it, leg it, smile’ to promote the sport where participants hit the ball and complete a circuit of the track in order to score a ‘rounder’.

For those who don’t remember the rules, there is the Toolkit on the Rounders England website to get started.

And the organisation is also running activator courses for people interested in setting up sessions.

These are designed to help volunteers promote, organise and run their club. They also give training in adapting 
the game for different numbers of people.

Recent research by Rounders England has shown that 73 per cent of adults hadn’t played rounders since school and 23 per cent said it was their favourite school sport.

The research showed 56 per cent wanted to take up more activity. So it seems there’s never been a better time to take to the field.