Coldest day of winter?
That’s truly Hilarious

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Greetings Chipsters! Did you know that today is St Hilary’s Day which traditionally is supposed to be the coldest of the year?

Looking at the weather forecast I don’t think we’re going to be shivering in our boots tonight, although some snow is predicted to fall in some parts of the country.

Our saint’s full name was Hilary (Hilarious) of Poitiers and he lived from about 300 to 368. His name comes from the Latin word for happy or cheerful.

You can impress all your friends in the playground now with your new knowledge and tell them your wise old friend Chipper told you.

Talking of snow, here’s a big Woof! of delight from Dunyelpin’ for nine-year-old Mea Salva Croker from Portsmouth.

That’s her beautifully neat colouring on the right of children playing snowballs, much to the delight of my old, seasonal friend Tarbet the snowman.

I love the way she has left all the snow white and just coloured everything that might have a hue in this winter wonderland.

Which reminds me. Snow White (geddit? An extra little joke for you this week, and all free of charge too. Wow, what a generous old dog I am).

How many of you went to see a pantomime during the Christmas holidays? Now the dust has settled, why don’t you write and tell me which one you went to see and what you liked best about it. And if you can remember some of the jokes do let me know.

Chip chip for now. Chipper.