Colour my underwater picture

Chipper's sea drawing
Chipper's sea drawing
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Hello there Chipsters and welcome to another fun-packed Chipper Club page.

I know you’re making the most of the sunshine, but 
hopefully you’ll be able to take some time to enjoy the jokes, competition and colouring activity on this page.

I thought some of you might have been to the seaside this weekend, chasing balls into the sea, shaking yourself and getting everyone around you soaked and digging the sand for bones.

Oh I forgot, that’s the sort of thing I do.

We dogs love the beach. But when we go swimming we like to keep our heads right out of the water and never get to see what’s under the waves.

That’s why I’ve chosen an underwater picture for you to colour this week.

I thought it would be great to think about all the weird and wonderful creatures that are in our seas, rivers and lakes.

Maybe some of you know a bit about fish and other water-loving wildlife. You might keep some in a tank at home.

Sea creatures come in all kinds of amazing colours, so put all of your pens and pencils to good use, my friends, and send me something bright to cheer up my kennel.

You could even add your own underwater 
creatures (not a whale, it’ll never fit) or maybe even some pirate treasure.

Now that would be worth digging for.

Until next week it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x