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SORTED Richard solved a patio door dispute
SORTED Richard solved a patio door dispute
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EACH week former trading standards officer Richard Thomson answers your questions.

Q I’ve a problem with double glazing fitted by Everest as part of a £17,000 home makeover. Soon after installation in 2010 the patio door frames started to leak. Everest carried out a repair, but last September the problem returned. Since then I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall, trying to get them to do something about it. Can you help?

MB (e-mail)

A Your problems all started with the initial patio door frame leak which took weeks to sort out.

Then almost two years later, the same thing happened. You repeatedly tried to get customer services to organise repairs, but after five months you were still nowhere nearer obtaining a date from Everest for the doors to be fixed.

In exasperation you wrote to them complaining about their abysmal service. You didn’t mince your words.

Your patience finally snapped and you asked me for help.

I tracked down Everest’s national customer relations manager, Richard Lawrence. He promised to investigate and report back.

Almost immediately you received a call from Everest saying they now had the parts to complete the repair. They confirmed a date when the work would be done.

You were surprised, relieved and gobsmacked, but not necessarily in that order. I’ve not had the promised comment from Everest, but let’s just say they finally bent over backwards to get it sorted. All’s well that ends well.

Q I ordered a new mobile handset from T Mobile costing £69.99. The phone was never delivered so they promised to cancel it and order a replacement. Since then I’ve had nothing but hassle, with persistent demands to pay for two phones, plus rental. Please help me get this sorted.

LJ (e-mail)

A You asked me for help after you were left trying to sort out a muddle which was rapidly developing into a comedy of errors.

Various T mobile operatives assured you they had arranged a refund for the first phone.

Following a delay you contacted them again when they insisted you still owed them for the phone plus rental. You got the impression that despite being a communications outfit no one was listening.

Within a few days of my intervention, you received a call from T Mobile (now EE). A spokesperson confirmed the promised refund was on its way and made amends by offering you two months free rental in compensation which you gratefully accepted.


Richard Thomson has worked for leading UK and European companies as a market research analyst, and in consumer education and protection with trading standards. Write or e-mail him with your consumer questions or to fight for your rights at An individual answer cannot be guaranteed. Replies are intended to give help or advice, not a complete statement of law.