Crazy activities planned all in aid of Comic Relief

Crowds gather in front of the big screen in Guildhall Square before a previous big occasion
Crowds gather in front of the big screen in Guildhall Square before a previous big occasion
Kieran fears watching too many episodes of Only Fools and Horses has turned Louie cockney                           (BBC)

KIERAN HOWARD: Mange tout, Dad! Mange tout!

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What fun activities are you doing to help raise money during Red Nose Day today?

If you have nothing planned and feel active, are looking for a giggle and want to do your bit to raise money in aid of this year’s Comic Relief Appeal, a range of wacky activities are taking place in Portsmouth’s Guildhall Square this lunchtime.

Making full use of the Big Screen in the Square, one of the activities is the ‘Human Red Nose Challenge.’

All who call into the square are encouraged to wear something red – a hat, a wig, face paint or clothes – and stand together to create a giant red nose in the centre of the square by looking at the Big Screen.

Sainsbury’s Commercial Road branch will be there selling merchandise, so if you don’t have anything red on hand, you can get something from their stall.

Continuing with the crazy appearance theme, all are encouraged to take part in the dressing-up challenge. You can bring your own old and unwanted clothes to the square to add to the large box of clothes, from which participants will be challenged to compete in a variety of dressing-up challenges against the clock.

The challenge will be broadcast live on the big screen so you – and the rest of Portsmouth – can see what you look like!

To keep you active, take part in the latest fitness craze that is sweeping the UK.

Zumba provided by fitness star Zumba Zumba will have you dancing to music. The session is like aerobics, but more fun!

Then, wannabe pop stars can take their turn on centre stage, with a round of karaoke.

If you are brave enough, you can sing live by yourself, or grab a few friends and form a group.

Once again, all the action will be beamed live on the big screen for all to see.

There will be tasty refreshments, drinks and snacks available from Coffee Cup’s mobile kiosk to cool you off after a lunchtime of fun.

The free-to-participate-in activities run from midday until 2pm, at Portsmouth’s Guildhall Square.

For further information, please call (023) 9283 4109.