Creative Chipsters got very colourful

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Former Great British Bake Off contestant Enwezor Nzegwu takes part in a 24-hour treadmill relay at Portsmouth University Gym to raise money for cystic fibrosis. Fellow participant Dannii Hutchins gives support. 'Picture Ian Hargreaves  (180224-1)

Bake-Off star organises 24-hour charity run at University of Portsmouth

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Hi there Chipper Club fans, welcome to this week’s page, dedicated to all of you Chipsters out there.

I’ve got a great competition lined up for you this week, it really is one you won’t want to miss!

How do you feel about becoming a clown? Well if clowning around and having lots of fun sounds like something you’d really want to have a go at, follow the instructions below.

Now I always know how much you Chipsters love a colouring-in challenge! Four of my Chipsters really got to work when I asked them to decorate a very fish.

And those Chipsters – 1647 Harrison Milne, 246 Hannah Cox, 629 Archie Machin and Ethan Bailey – should take a bow because their work is featured here today.

Well done guys! I loved all of your drawings. All those bright colours really get my tail wagging and I hope you enjoy seeing your names on this page today.

That’s it this week my faithful friends so until next Saturday I’ll say chip chip for now! Love Chipper x