Crossfit helps to change my shape

Elise is put through her Crossfit paces
Elise is put through her Crossfit paces
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I’ve been on a quest to lose weight and slip into a bikini ready for a dream Christmas trip to Australia.

Now I’ve always thought that looking good meant weighing less.

My coach Ray Pharoah, at CrossFit Southern Legion, in Hilsea, tried to put me right on that from the beginning, but I wouldn’t have it.

So, after six weeks slaving away at the gym, it was disheartening to find the dial on the scales wasn’t moving much.

I’ve used the same dress shop for years. Their fabulous wiggle dresses pull you in and push you out, just where you need them to.

So it was a wonderful surprise to find the latest number I’d ordered in my usual size 14 was too big. The size 12 fitted like a glove. And it was the same with a new pair of jeans.

And I’ve hardly lost any weight. It’s hard to get my head around it but Ray explains: ‘You should not concentrate on weight loss but how you feel and the difference it has on your clothes.

‘Muscle does not weigh less than fat, it just takes up less space. You could weigh the same as the next person but because you have lean muscle you are slimmer.’

Crossfit is the most unique, and brilliant, workout I’ve ever done.

You never know what to expect from one class to the next. It is constantly varied, intense movements which are really tough.

But it has paid off in my changing body shape.

When I started I wasn’t even strong enough to lift a 10kg bar. I had to use a plastic pipe – for weeks.

Yep, it was embarrassing at first but it taught me the skill and form I needed.

Now I can lift 15kg and I feel like a champion!

There are others who lift 70kg but they still cheer me on to keep going when I’m the last to finish the WOD – the workout of the day.

There’s such a great, friendly spirit to crossfit that when you feel like you’re about to drop, the others keep you going.

Every class is different – from the dreaded burpees, to ring rows, to kettle bell swings, box jumps, sprints and squats. You get tired but you never get bored.

People are amazed at my ‘weight loss’ and I have to explain that I haven’t lost weight, it’s just that crossfit is changing my body shape.

My dream now is to slip into a size 10 bikini by Christmas.