Dan Kirk

Dan Kirk
Dan Kirk
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Dan Kirk, 19, from Fareham is a sound engineer and musician. He plays guitar, synth and trumpet in Bear Cavalry whose recent EP, Maple Trails, is available to buy online.

What would be your ideal weekend destination?

Anywhere in America because you can travel non-stop when you’re there and never see it all.

Not counting your loved ones, who would be your dream companion?

If he’d stay in character the whole time, I think classical/comedy/hip hop artist Mr B would be very handy to have with me in America. He’s ‘The Gentleman Rhymer’ and I think he could score us a lot of freebies from the Anglophiles.

What music would you take with you?

If I could only take one record, I’d take my favourite, Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare.

The lyrics are incredible on that album and it has been the soundtrack to some pretty significant events for me over the last few years. My favourite album right now though, is Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago.

What about something to read?

I’ve got a book on John Lennon I’ve been meaning to have a proper go at for a long time, so probably that. 

What would be your ultimate way to relax?

Sitting in the passenger seat of a car while Mr B or whoever’s there drives across some of America.

Just looking out at everything going past is really enjoyable for me.

If money were no object, which shop would you head for?

I’d go and buy a really nice car. I can’t even drive, but I’d enjoy looking at it.

What’s your all-time favourite film?

Star Wars. No question.

We’re buying the drinks tonight. What’s your poison?

I’m a cider fan. But really I’ll appreciate anything that isn’t lager. 

What are you doing this weekend?

Probably seeing friends and working on something musical.

What’s a favourite local destination for a weekend day out?

A nice walk down one of the beaches around with friends is nice in the summer. 

When is your next local gig?

It’s on Friday (May 6) at the Cellars at Eastney with Big River Sounds and Mariners, who are both amazing.

After that we’ve not got anything in Portsmouth booked at the moment, but we are playing Blissfields Festival in Winchester at the end of June/beginning of July, which is exciting for us.