Deadline looms for my new trendy lead

Halloween pumpkins
Halloween pumpkins
What would you do if your sister's husband made a pass at you?

DEAR FIONA: My sister’s husband made a pass at me – what should I do?

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Grrrrreeeetngs Chipsters! I said that with my best ggggrrrrrrowl and spookiest gggggrrrrrrimace – just like these two Halloween pumpkins.

And what are they doing here?

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-140610-130118001

Have a look at this week’s super competition below and you’ll find out. All you have to do is colour them in with your best crayons and felts tips and you could win a fantastic Halloween hamper full of spooky surprises.

And while we’re on the subject of prizes – don’t forget to send in your lengths of loom band from which I’m going to make a new lead for my autumn walks. The prize is a goldfish aquarium from Jollyes Petfood Superstore at Waterlooville. The closing date is this Saturday.

Here’s a picture of come colourful loom bands which would be perfect for my new lead when they’re fixed together.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to have a go at the terrific Halloween colouring competition, the details of which are below.

You might win that fabulous spooky prize.

And talking of winners, you could end up like the five lucky Chipsters here who each win a Milkshake! Stars DVD:

Thomas Baldwin (1881)

Keira Richardson (4071)

Alisha Hayward (3029)

Rio Upton (1388)

Jayden Hurst (297)

Well done all of you.

Have fun and chip chip for now.