Diamond couple are still sparkling after 60 years

Malcolm and Eileen Baynham, inset, and on their wedding day
Malcolm and Eileen Baynham, inset, and on their wedding day

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If Malcolm and Eileen Baynham’s honeymoon was going to be anything to go by, their marriage could have been a bit of a disaster. Thankfully, the couple have had a happy 60 years together as they are about to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

After spending a year courting, Malcolm and Eileen were married at St Mary’s Church in Fratton on September 6, 1952.

Malcolm and Eileen Baynham on their wedding day

Malcolm and Eileen Baynham on their wedding day

Malcolm says: ‘We went on our honeymoon to London.

‘We went for about five days but unfortunately it snowed the day after we got there – in September!

‘My wife then got the flu, so it was all a bit of a disaster.

‘But the wedding was fantastic. We had our reception at the pub opposite called The Museum Gardens and it was a wonderful day.’

Eileen was a widow from her previous marriage as sadly her first husband had passed away in the Korean war, leaving her with son Michael.

When she met Malcolm, he had just come out of the army after three-and-a-half years with the Royal Engineers.

He went on to work for British Gas for more than 40 years.

The couple, who now live in Portchester, were soon married, and Eileen says her two boys got along famously as soon as they set eyes on one another.

She says: ‘Michael got on wonderfully with Malcolm from the first time they met, and it really all worked out quite well to be honest.’

The couple didn’t go on to have any more children but they do have two grandchildren Sara and Miley, and two great-grandchildren, Louie and Sammy.

Although the whole family is looking forward to Eileen and Malcolm’s anniversary, today is also their son Michael and his wife Linda’s 41st wedding anniversary as they celebrated their ruby last year.

To mark both of the occasions, Eileen and Malcolm took them out to see Kiss Me, Kate at Chichester Festival Theatre.

This Sunday, they will also be going out to lunch together to celebrate their anniversary.