Did you make many resolutions for 2015?

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Happy 2015 Chipsters! I hope you all had an exciting and peaceful festive period – that Father Christmas brought you several presents and that you were allowed to stay up to see in the new year.

I wonder if you made any promises to yourself as the clock struck midnight on December 31, pledges to change your life, or at least the way you behave.

These are called new year resolutions and we all make them in the excitement of the moment as the old year passes into the new. But how many of us have the discipline to keep them beyond the first week of January?

Perhaps you decided to be a little less naughty in 2015, or to eat up all your vegetables at meal times. You might have vowed to read more books, get better at maths or just generally decided to work harder at school.

What about keeping a diary or a journal? This is one of the hardest things to stick at. We’ve all begun a new year intending to write every day – whether it’s a lot or a little – about what we’ve done or what’s made us laugh or cry. But how many manage to keep it up until next Christmas rolls around?

You’d be amazed how fascinating it will be in a few years to look back at what you wrote when you were young.

Meanwhile, here at Dunyelpin’ I’m hoping for some snow in the next few weeks, so I’ve given you this picture to colour. Why not send it to me to brighten the walls of my kennel.

Chip chip for now. Your old pal Chipper.